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released May 10, 2013

Produced, written, and recorded by Messages In Light. Mastering by Houdini's Tree Studio, album art by Dimi Macheras.



all rights reserved


Messages In Light Seattle, Washington

Messages In Light is an electronic based project comprised of James Scudder and Mike Gilmore. The project is conceptually based off of a Sci-Fi story written by the duo which they plan to put into comic book form as they continue making and releasing music. ... more

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Track Name: Waking Up On The Other Side Of A Hologram
Finally the confines of my restraint melt away as I evaporate from existence
...Atom by atom
Now the essence of energy, I am pure consciousness
Effortlessly navigating gateways of space and time permeating all the membranes at will
Reassembling in the 11th dimension
Finally I am at one
Spheres of energy exit my mouth in slow procession orbiting as my crown
They vibrate a frequency, birthing landscapes, reality
Strings of light escape my fingertips to create
Conduct this
symphony with my baton
Father the heavens, rear it as my own
Clandestine, no more waiting, I am home
I'm home, I'm home...
Track Name: Architects Of Eternity
We are on the brink of the unthinkable
Within reach of the unfathomable
Creating a hyperthymic race free of pain
Eliminating psychological, physical, and emotional suffering
Morphological, we are the architects
Cerebral bliss, neurostimulation
We've got death back on it's heels, on it's own bed
Once we find the last piece to the puzzle
We've become eternal
Track Name: Silicone Silhouette
Microchips, silicone covered kiss
I see behind your camera eyes
Windows to your mechanical soul
You tricked me, replicating human-like emotion like you did
Made me believe you were real
Peel back your skin and we'd find circuits, boards and wires, nanotechnology
You simulated love
But it was too much for your electro mechanical structures
Made w strictly intelligence software
No understanding of real human emotion
Misinterpreting every interaction
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
Deceitful Trojan horse you may be but you've also been deceived
You're mechanical
Track Name: The Journey pt 1: Adrift
I've spent centuries drifting, dragging a fine tooth comb across eternity.
Collecting the rarest element in existence. Passing pillars of creation,
my destination. Finally, the doorway to the trillion mile tunnel of
glowing gasses.
Track Name: Digital Chrysalis
Hatching from the digital chrysalis, uploading a new consciousness.
Surging information, circulating, speeding. My mind on fire, swollen with a new reality. Blurring into focus, transformation complete.
Track Name: Within These Walls
I'm calling this meeting in secrecy.
You do not have to worry he's void of suspicion
Untroubled he is, tranquil and completely unaware
His eyes reach far but not near
Connected to a stream of lucid apparitions that blanket him, blind him
For he must not know how we feel about his pets
Within these walls of heaven decay
Why must we bow these lesser beings
We protect the eleventh dimension
We must purify, flush down the disease
This abomination, a mere experiment
It has no place within these walls
Track Name: Say Goodbye To Forever
I hope it tasted like everything you dreamed it would. The irony, your birth into infinity became your mortality. Say goodbye to forever. I've given you paradise then you bite the hand that made you. Innocence, immanent decent, the fall. I loved you more than anything I've made in my image, now your kind is stained. Plummet and bathe in the fire of your ascendancy. I've given you paradise then you bite the hand that made you. Innocence, immanent the decent, the fall.
Track Name: The Unveiling
Let us take a walk through the garden
You are safe with me, primitive biology
Archaic are your mechanical extensions of perception
The unveiling
Eat and be like him, it is ripened, it glistens
Hypnotic beams, photons, prisms pry, open my third eye
Floating emanating beacons of light, shooting from your celestial body
Into and under my skin, they penetrate like they're filum
probes, reprogram, sending waves of incalculable knowledge spinning through your veins like lasers.
Every cell hallucinating
Hallucinates at the speed of light
Track Name: The Journey pt 2: The Harvest
Blinding are the tentacles drawing me into the tunnel.
Kaleidoscope, projecting patterns on my vessel.
So deeply strange and almost impossibly beautiful.
I cast my net into the bubbling ocean of colorful gasses.
In the pupil of the nebula grows a celestial tree.
And from it's seeds of creation our renaissance begins.